Student Intern Application

Please fill in the application below completely. Mail the application, a cover letter and a letter from the college or university (on school letterhead) that recognizes the internship as a school program and is signed by the student, parents, and a school official to:

Judy Horan, President & General Manager
329 Mt. Hope Avenue
Bangor, Maine 04401

All internships available at WLBZ 2 are unpaid. There are two internships available at WLBZ 2 per semester. Applicants should be willing to spend approximately 20 hours per week. Please rank your areas of interest, with 1 being your highest area of interest.

WLBZ 2 News Intern
Opportunity to become thoroughly acquainted with all aspects of broadcast journalism: from anchoring and reporting to assignment desk, editing and newscast production.

WLBZ 2 Promotion
Opportunity to work in the marketing and creative services department with a focus on topical new promotion.

WLBZ 2 Production
Opportunity to work in the production department with a focus on commercial production, script writing and editing.


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